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Cloud9 together with our partners have worked hard to ensure that our workshops will guarantee you will have the most current tips and tools to help you and your teams grow and develop.

General Data Protection Regulations

Thursday 25th January

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Cloud9 have teamed up with HR Elite to bring you the very latest in the new General Data Protection Guidelines in an informative workshop giving you all the information you need to be ready for May 2018.

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May 25th, 2018 may seem such a long time away, BUT, when we really take time to think about how much personal data we hold in our workplaces, does 25th May 2018 really give us enough time to assess what we hold, how we hold it, how long we should be holding it for, how to destroy it, how to categorise it, how to inform staff what we are doing with it, re-writing data polices, informing external parties who provide personal data on how we hold it, how long we hold it for, how we destroy it, how we categorise it … Got you thinking now, haven’t I?

When the new piece of legislation comes into force, which will comprehensively change the current Data Protection Rules, requirements on organisations will be massive and with much more severe penalties for failing to adhere to the many concepts contained within it.
The GDPR will apply to any organisation who processes the personal data of individuals in relation to offering good or services or monitoring their behaviour.

Don’t be caught out, join us on our workshop and we will take you through the step by step guide to ensure you are compliant with the new data.

Get Real Results From Facebook & Why Blogging Is So Important

Thursday 18th January

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Cloud9 have partnered with Think Social Business, award-wining social media trainers, to offer an information-filled workshop on how to use Facebook and blogging to accelerate your business growth

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There are no two ways about it, Facebook has become more of a challenge, but with that has come greater potential for businesses to tap in to the audience they want to reach. In this workshop, you will learn what you as a business need to do to maximise all that Facebook can do for your company.

And you’ll also see how effective well-planned, well-written blogs can be, not only for pulling you up the Google rankings, but for driving targeted traffic to your site with tantalising ROI.

Join this workshop for the latest developments on how to use these tools to reach your ideal customer.

Facebook Ads That Really Work

Thursday 1st February

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We’re welcoming award-winning social media trainers from Think Social Business back for an eye-opening workshop on how to create effective Facebook adverts.

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You may have seen the Boost post option on your Facebook pages, and perhaps you’ve been tempted to try it? And maybe it worked? But what did you get from it? Did it lead to business? Did you try it a few times and then it stopped being effective? Or did it work pretty well and now you want to know how to get improved Facebook ad performance: better ROI?

Boosting a post is just the beginning: there is a WHOLE realm of very powerful Facebook advertising available to everyone: you just need to know what is possible and how to use it.

This workshop will reveal the potential, and show you how your business could be tapping into this very powerful tool, effectively.

Use LinkedIn To Get Results

Thursday 15th February

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How do you actually get people to engage with you on LinkedIn? Can you really use it as a way to help grow your business? Cloud9 welcomes the award-winning trainers at Think Social Business back for this insightful workshop

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It’s one of those platforms that you feel you SHOULD be on but perhaps you don’t give it much time? And why should you if you’re not sure whether it actually does anything for your business?

In this workshop, we’ll look at how you can turn it into a useful tool for helping to grow your business. Connect with right people and get responses. We’ll cover LinkedIn adverts too, which have changed in their effectiveness quite dramatically over the last year: are they worth investing in?

By the end of the course, you’ll be fired up and raring to connect to help take your business to the next level.