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A Structured Approach

We have recognised that although most businesses share the same challenges, they experience them at very different times depending on which phase they are in. Most begin their journey as a start-up, (unless the business is inherited) and during infancy -normally 0-3 years – begin to grow a team. The first recruit is always the hardest and normally the biggest test of how risk  adverse or capable they are of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

We Have Identified 3 Key Phases Of Business

Growth Phase

Growth Phase | Cloud9 Business Coaching

The Growth Phase is where the fun and the hard work happens. You are now an established business, you may have your own premises and possibly a team of 2 or more, you know

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your market and your competitors. It is not unusual for business owners to arrive at this point without really planning to, the business, the customers and the markets often steer you to this position. It is now time to take real control of your business. To reach the next level and turn it into a highly profitable organisation, you need DIRECTION!  The Growth Phase,  I believe, strengthens the core and allows us to create an environment for growth, but this time with clarity, confidence and control.

Succession Phase

Succession Phase | Cloud9 Business Coaching

The Succession Phase is normally the phase that business owners reach too late. Most commonly in a family business it can be too emotional to address, and requires the use of all of our

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emotional intelligence skills.  However it is critical to achieving your end result. It is a strategic phase where key roles need to be identified and defined. Natural leaders need to be encouraged and empowered and given the necessary training to fill some big shoes! You need a clear vision and the skills to communicate with honesty and transparency and with your emotions in check.

You must identify the roles which are paramount to your long term success and choose the right leader to steer your business forward. Does your company have a clear succession plan, ensuring it continues to grow in an environment with you.

Exit Phase

The exit phase | Cloud9 Business Coaching

The Exit Phase. So you have now successfully achieved stable profits several years in succession. Many businesses will continue to grow and grow, while some struggle to keep up the

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pace and maintain the high growth figures. At this point you have a choice, do you push yourselves to expand or do you exit the business? You need to be really honest with yourself at this point and ask yourselves some hard questions. Can your business sustain further growth? Will your market allow for expansion? Is your business financially stable enough to support the next growth spurt? And the toughest question of all. Are you the right leader to head up this expansion, or do you roll out your succession plan and bring in the next leader. It is really common for the new generation to come in at this point and steer the business to the next phase. You could decide to pursue a sale, full or partial and these negotiations can often open up new opportunities in themselves!