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Exit Phase

The Challenge

It is very common after a big event like a management buyout or the completion of a monumental project that businesses are left feeling lost and in need of a review of where the business is heading, and an action plan detailing how to get there.  This is typical of how the team felt at Century Office; it was still a family business but now in the control of husband and wife team, Sarah and Steve.  Like many businesses they knew it was time for some changes and a new direction but needed some help to work out what those changes were and how to implement the first steps into making them happen, as well as keeping the team motivated and on board after the changes at the top.

The Actions

It was important to achieve clarity so together  we set a clear path to the future of Century Office.  We allocated job roles and worked with the team to create a great culture and set goals aligned to the overall business vision. Communication was key to improving the team morale, and we identified a strong leader in Sarah who had the skills to empower her team and improve productivity and results.

The Results

Following a successful relocation and an increase in turnover of 35% it was time to plan the end.

Like many others, their industry has experienced some turbulent times, but Sarah and Steve remained focused on the long- term strategy and building sustainable success.  They have worked hard in recognising new opportunities and adapting in a diverse market; they have not been risk adverse and have remained open to new ideas and direction.

Together we have identified what the end looks like and the steps needed to achieve this goal. We continue to have fun during our coaching sessions, and I am very proud to have worked with such a genuine and talented couple.

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Increase In Turnover


Increase In Profit

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