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Growth Phase

The Challenge

Rachel was a typical technician with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Human Resources. Her time was spent helping clients and providing a unique hands on and professional service, however the business was controlling Rachel.

Time was a huge challenge as was controlling the cash flow in a fast growth phase.

Without a clear vision or a defined structure, the business could not grow. Rachel was reacting to the demands of the business, having no time to invest into the business or to make the changes needed.

The Actions

Starting with the end in mind, we created a clear business vision and a brand for HR Elite, which now attracts the right clients who will not have price at the top of their buying decision. We worked hard on the delivery ensuring the customer experience remains the factor which sets HR Elite apart from their competitors.

We implemented clear reporting lines and key performance indicators which highlights trends and identifies performance standards, ensuring that the financials are measured and the targets are achieved.

    The Results

HR Elite is well respected and recognised in their field. Rachel is proud of her business growth and with the right level of focus now on the numbers and delivery she can enjoy building the team and investing in the future of her business.

It has been a pleasure working with Rachel, in my opinion the biggest achievement has been in Rachel’s mind set. Rachel has now defined her future vision and is now confident in her service and herself as a business leader.

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Rachel Barratt

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