If I could bottle this, I would be a millionaire!!

As a business owner of 9 years, I recognise the emotions we feel on a day to day basis.

Running a business is not for the faint hearted. It takes tenacity, strength and self-development.

A business owner can only grow as far as its owner’s skills and knowledge (in my opinion)

We often reach a ceiling which we cannot push beyond because we have put a lid on our own achievements.

Your business may be standing still but what about you?

Generally when we hit the ceiling we will either sink or swim.
Some will blame, as we love to blame (especially at the moment with Brexit) others will use excuses. I often hear that “It wasn’t my fault, if only I had a better team, or more loyal customers”

Some will enter denial, and fail to admit that there is a problem at all.

Only this morning, I read an article in my local paper. It was a hard knock story about a coffee shop which is likely to be closed by Christmas, due to the extortionate town centre rates and lack of development by the council.

This sort of story gets me going. The coffee shop owner has clearly entered all of the three emotions above. Blame, excuses and denial.

Retail is tough but so is any business if you stop trying.

I would love to introduce that businessperson to a thriving coffee shop who focuses on what is important to their customers right now. I have not met the local shop’s customers, but I do know that the environment is a topic which is growing in priority for every generation, especially the yummy mummies who have a bob or two and appreciate good coffee, whilst discussing a good cause.

A thriving coffee shop will offer their customers refillable cups, loose coffee, dairy free, and vegan cakes and lunches. They may hold events aimed at supporting the local cause for protecting the environment. These are obvious and small things, but I know that customers vote with their feet and rely on their emotions to guide them when buying anything. They do not care about their surroundings (if it is clean) I also know that this coffee shop is not doing any of those things or anything other than serving coffee. Where is the uniqueness? Why would customers go there above Costa or another independent?
My point is that we can all have good and bad years in business. We can all slip into our comfort zones and watch profits fall. We all know it takes effort, focus, skills and action to thrive, but I believe it also depends on our mindset.

Our mindset is the conversation you have between your ears, in other words we can convince ourselves of anything, good or bad. I can imagine the conversation of the coffee shop owner, “poor me, poor me, poor me”

Generally, if our mindset is negative, we will believe that there is only a negative future ahead. We can easily spiral into a period of self-doubt, self-sabotage and lack of belief.

We can also have a positive mindset and excite in a positive forecast. This encourages confidence, clarity, focus and great action.

Tame your inner Chimp

To achieve a positive mindset, we must manage the conversation between our ears.

If you have read the book “Chimp Paradox” you will know that it is our chimp we need to tame.

Our chimp can influence our behaviour, our beliefs and our thoughts. It can be quite convincing.

I recently attended a workshop ran by Simon Hartley who said that:

“You can be the person you want to be”
“Ask yourself, what is the gap between the person I want to be and the person I am now?”
“What are the steps that I need to take to become the person I want to be?”

Simon has worked with world class athletes and helped them become the person they are now.

I loved his work as I believe he is so right.

We can definitely be the person we want to be.

We must identify who that person is and then work on bite sized chunks to get there. Just like any other goal, one step at a time.
Our beliefs, self-doubt, sabotage and imposters are all words of our chimp that need taming and re-educating to one of self-validation and a positive belief system.

Here’s the Million pound part

I believe we become the same as the people we surround ourselves with.

Look at your circle of influence and be honest, are they providing you with the positive vibes you need, or do they include some negative Nellies who present the worst scenario of every event.

You will identify family members, friends and colleagues who are all part of your network at either camp.

Which ones are more fun, inspiring and motivating?

Which suck all of your positive energy and leave you feeling numb or down?

Mastermind groups are the best solution for this. Generally the only people engaging in a group like this are positive high achievers, who want to better themselves.

I have written before of how I value both attending and running Mastermind groups.

I attended my group on Friday and the feeling I came away with is worth millions if bottled.

The value you get from spending a day with positive, business owners who truly support and care about you and your success is PRICELESS!

I literally float home with a feeling that I can achieve anything as long as these guys are with me.

The Mastermind I attend has people who I would not naturally gravitate towards. This has taught me a lot about myself.

I love spending time with creatives who inspire me to put pen to paper more frequently, despite my limiting beliefs in my ability to write.

Others push me to engage in technology and be less fearful of it. We all know what will happen to our business if we fail to embrace new technology.
I love this gentle nudge in all of the directions which I would naturally run from or avoid.

This is the value of Mastermind, not only does it focus, engage you and hold you accountable to your goals.

It makes you edge out of your comfort zone.

As we enter a new a phenomenon – “FOBI” Fear of being irrelevant. – Simon Hartley

Stand out, be bold, and become the best version of you.

If Mastermind sounds like it will give you a million pound feel get involved in a group.

If you would like to become part of my Mastermind group which launches in March 2020, get in touch or register your interest here.


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