Life In Lock Down week 8

So, you are in week 8 of lock down – or are you?

I’m not sure about you, but I felt that last night’s message from Boris Johnson was very confusing and a big anti-climax, due to the lack of clarity.

The message now is, if you cannot work at home you can return to work, so does that include everyone such as hairdressers and dentists?

Boris also said that from Wednesday we are allowed to play sports with our own family members, so does this mean that sports centres will open.

The message is that we must stay alert and control a virus which we cannot see, taste, hear or feel.

Surely this virus is controlling us?

I feel for business leaders, this morning, to receive a briefing which carries such a lack of direction makes it a tough decision to know whether to reopen your business and bring back your team.

There was certainly a sense last week amongst my business community that they were planning for some sort of return even prior to last night’s new briefing. I completely understand this craving to get our businesses back to normal, it feels disjointed to own a business and not have your team and surroundings with you.

We have all been pushed outside of our comfort zones for 6-8 weeks, evidence proves that as soon as we are given an opportunity to revert back to normal we will.

The chief exec of London Chamber Of Commerce said last night on Twitter, that his strong and unequivocal advice to London businesses is not to change your plans for today, as we do not have enough information to get your employees back to work safely, and keep them safe once they return.

He goes on to say that “it would be foolish for any business leader to encourage staff not already undertaking essential work to do anything but to continue to work from home.”

I feel that like with everything, we have to do what is right and feels right for us, our business, and our team’s wellbeing.

There is a fine balance between doing the right thing commercially and morally but it can be achieved, and you will find it.

Lots of my clients are staggering their return, and have introduced shifts patterns to ensure that they reduce contact to the same individuals at any one time during their working hours, and administrators and other personnel who can work from home remain to do so.

Others have purchased additional screens to protect desk based teams, and PPE to protect engineers who are working on site or in people’s homes.

We will see enhanced cleaning in our work space, and various other initiatives to keep our teams safe.

Personally, I am lucky to be able to continue to offer my services digitally from home and despite a tingle of excitement last week with hope that I might return to my office, I have no plans to do so prior to June, there is no benefit to me or my clients to do so.

We adapted to lock down with professionalism and innovation and I know that we will find our own path out of lock down with the same skills, the path that is right for you and your team.

My advice would be, to take this week to plan your return, communicate with your team, implement the necessary precautions you need to keep both yourself, your teams, and your customers safe.

I would love to know your thoughts and plans.

Good Luck

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