Life In Lock Down Week 9

Astonishingly, we are now beginning week 9 of Lock Down, for me it feels like forever since I have enjoyed face to face coaching with my clients, but it also feels unbelievable that I have been working remotely and coaching via Zoom for almost 9 weeks.

It surprised me, like many others how quickly I fell into the new norm.

Many people have asked me if I will return to my office and to delivering face to face coaching, or remain offering a remote service, as lots of businesses are weighing up the pros and cons of returning to their work place and assessing the need for office space and balancing costs and wellbeing.

My answer is clear, I will return to my office and face to face coaching when the time is right, but I will definitely return.

Remote coaching works, it is just as effective and some clients prefer it because of the convenience, I have offered this service for a while for clients outside Essex and Suffolk so it is not new for me.

Personally though, I thrive on the energy from face to face contact, and personalities I feel from my clients in my coaching practice.

I love the buzz and hustle of the office environment, my mind set prep on my commute to the office and my de compression on my way home, even though it shocks me, I think I even enjoy the structure of the working day.

I am a big people person and therefore it suits me to share my space with clients and colleagues, I am an outgoing extrovert.

I can see however, that others who are more reserved and introverted are enjoying the comfort of not having to socialise and are indulging in their own company right now.

What camp do you sit in?

When planning your return and bringing your teams back, it is important to remember which type of individuals are in your team, some will be as keen as mustard to return and can’t wait to socialise and enjoy the hustle of the office, others will be more reluctant to come out of their comfort bubbles and their inner shells and might need more time to adjust.

So the return……………………………….

Has it happened?

Did you actually close at all?

Are you now open?

Are you still planning for your return?

Or sitting back and waiting to see when the right time is for you?

I said earlier, that I will return to the office when the time is right.

Right now my clients are telling me that they are happy to continue zoom coaching as they are getting what they need from me, and to travel to my office right now would be taking unnecessary risks. I don’t think that this will change for some weeks yet.

I have to, and have accepted that my new norm is set to continue for some time yet.

This is where I pull upon the inspiration and energy of my clients to get me through.

What are you having to accept?

We are all having to make many sacrifices at the moment, some as I say are easier to bear than others, I have to admit that for the first time since lock down was initiated, I hit my wall at the weekend.

I crave time with my family and friends and miss the spontaneity that my weekends normally offer, I nice coffee overlooking the water, a cheeky glass of wine and a laugh with the people I love.

After a little word with myself I had a lovely Saturday and Sunday, pottering around in the garden, a long walk with the dog, a bike ride with my boys, a BBQ in the glorious sunshine coupled with a few bottles of something deliciously cold and full of bubbles, which was a lovely gift from clients, a welcomed surprise delivery on Saturday. (they didn’t realise how well timed this was)

I have witnessed some great innovations and solutions over the last 8 weeks, I speak a lot about the grit, tenacity and determination of business owners, and it never ceases to surprise me.

We have all adapted to continue to do business the best way we can, finding new models which enable us to trade.

I have seen great examples, of introverted business owners thrive in this period and make huge steps in working on their strategy and long term vision.

My mastermind members acknowledged that even in this time, their goals for 2020 were not pushing them hard enough and have revisited them, is this down to having the time to step off of the hamster wheel and have a good look at the future and reaching their true potential.

Most of us are now using technologies which we were not familiar with 9 weeks ago, which will enhance our efficiencies in the long term.

We have all seen good and bad in people, both at work, in our teams and around the world, acts of true kindness and heroism.

I believe that we all have a new level of respect for the NHS and key workers, the Thursday night clap has helped my children understand the great work people are doing in our country to look after us.

We are all making tough decisions, in our work and personal lives and we are all getting through this the best we can, with good and bad days.

I will continue to encourage my clients to work on the one thing that they can do which will make a difference to their business, to focus on things they can control, and to take each week as it comes.

What will you focus on this week?

Thank you for listening, I would love to hear from you.

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