Life In Lock Down Week 11

Happy Monday, and welcome to week 11 of lock down.

For me, this is day 76 and something has changed!

I have been very comfortable serving and supporting, after all that is my role as a coach, and where I am at my happiest.

I felt the shift happen on Friday.

I attended my regular monthly Mastermind group where we share our challenges, successes and receive a healthy amount of accountability.

We call it a nudge!

Upon reflection, I realised that I have been holding back in a big way.

I have been so aware of everyone’s challenges whilst we have adapted and changed our businesses to allow for remote working and possible reductions in team numbers.

What I had ignored is my duty and need to sell.

I completely appreciate that those who panicked from the offset of lock down and adopted the sell, sell, sell mantra may of appeared unsympathetic and desperate to those who were not ready to be sold to, and I haven’t heard of anyone who used that tactic who had great results.

I remember writing at the time, that we needed time to adjust and find our grove before we were ready to look up and buy.

What I have failed to do, is recognise that that time has long gone, 11 weeks is enough time to adjust, make changes and be ready for growth.

Have you held back and been too polite?

Did you go in for the sale immediately?

Did you choose the right time?

Mastermind made me see that it is time to be bold, brave and build my business for those who need my support and have been ready to buy for a long time.

This is not a matter of making money from peoples misery, which is how some business owners describe it, this is about being confident in your product and meeting the needs of your audience.

Let them make the decision, when they are ready to buy not you.

I have a Mastermind programme starting in September, and 8 places available. My current members tell me that it has been this that has helped them survive lock down, giving them the confidence and clarity to grow and excel during the pandemic. So why would I not offer this support to others who have realised that they need to extend their support network and communicate with others who are at their level and understand the challenges they face.

I have suffered from a closed mind set, something I coach around all of the time.

I was closed to the concept that my audience is ready to buy, and want/need my support.

Have you suffered from a closed mind set?

Are your customers ready to buy and are you ready for them?

So, I am ready to turn on the tap and accelerate growth, are you ready too?

To find out more about my Mastermind programme, visit the link below.

Have the best week ever, see you on week 12!

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