Life In Lock Down Week 10

How are you?

So………………..week 10!

Are you still calling it lock down?

For many of us nothing has changed, the children remain away from school and we remain working from home.

There does however, seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, with the announcement that non-essential shops will reopen on 15th June and some year groups returning to school next week.

Whatever we feel about the decisions being made, it has to be  good news for business.

With Perspex being the most sort after material and the fight for loo roll over, it shows the shift in our needs as we fight to regain life as we know it.

I have to confess that I have mixed feelings about lock down now, I have adhered to all of the rules when many have flouted.

I am eager for the schools to open but have some concerns over the safety of my children.

I want to enjoy quality time with my family and friends, whilst ensuring that everyone is safe.

I feel office envy when zooming with clients who are already back in their offices.

I am keen to launch my next Mastermind group which has already moved from April to September.

I too want to re-join my own mastermind group and enjoy the nudge and accountability I receive on a monthly basis.

In others words, I want business as usual!

Friends, family and Mastermind are the pillars which hold me up in my both my personal and business life, they make me what I believe is the best version I can be – is it wrong to want that back?

I often talk about your support network and the positives of being around clever people, the one thing I have heard the most during lock down amongst the business community, is that having a platform to talk to others in business has been their back bone in having the confidence to adapt and remodel if needed, whilst being their sounding board who will encourage and “nudge” you forward.

For me as I said it has to be my Mastermind group, I know that this will offer the support that so many business owners need to regain confidence and clarity this year within their business.

What has been your back bone in business during lock down?

What has given you the confidence and clarity we have all needed to continue in business?

How have you had to adapt or remodel?

Will you continue to trade in a the new way or revert back to life as you know it?

What support do you feel that business owners will need to aid growth in 2020?

There are not many things which are certain right now, but we all know that the world (we keep getting told) has changed forever, whether you feel that way or not, we cannot argue that for the medium term it will be a bit different.

How well we prepare for this ‘difference’ will be the margin between the businesses who rapidly breakout and breakthrough their growth targets and the rest of the businesses who are left licking their wounds.

I would love to hear your plans for achieving growth this year.

Have the best week ever, see you on week 12!

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