Life In Lock Down – Week 15

I think that most of us back in the middle of March did not imagine that 15 weeks later and heading into July we would still be in lock down.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however, with major restrictions due to be lifted this weekend, I wonder how many sore heads we will witness on Sunday as a result of the bars and restaurant’s reopening on Saturday.

I was delighted to hear that the Milsoms group are reopening this week, as this is my chosen venue for my Mastermind programmes, and I cannot wait to see everyone in the flesh again after months of Zoom.

However here is a question for you:

How willing are you to attend a full day event with more than 6 other business owners inside a venue??

My fear is that although for many of us, it is pretty much business as usual, our customers may not be as eager to do business with us as we think.

For over three months, we have proved that we can be adaptable, innovative, and create different ways to encourage our customer to buy from us.

I am so proud to be working with SME’s and witnessing such talent and skills to achieve business growth during recent months.

I do feel that we are not out of the woods just yet..

I am never a negative Nellie, and I am really sorry if it comes across this way.

I just want to encourage you to stay focused and continue to do what you are good at –

adapting to the next phase, your customers maybe fearful still and we need to give them confidence and options.

That doesn’t mean that we need to give up on growth in 2020.

I mean the opposite, please do not be happy with just surviving this year – this is your time to thrive!!

Your recent actions and your mind set over the next 6 months will determine your growth.

Lots will reopen their business with caution, however, I believe this is no time for a tentative approach, we need to show confidence, clarity and strength.

In every recession there are opportunities, they are everywhere, are you taking the actions needed to maximise them?

Surround yourself with clever and positive people, don’t enter into a pity party.

Continue to innovate and be creative, continue to adapt and serve.

My business, Cloud9 was due to launch another cohort of Masterminds in April, this was obviously not possible.

I am now scheduled to launch in September but if the confidence is not there, I will adapt.

I will launch an online group Masterclass and look at getting together again in January.

My point is, I will not sit back and wait until September, I will take the action needed now to protect my growth.

What decisions do you need to make to ensure your business will grow for the remainder of 2020.

My role as a coach is to help my clients businesses grow, working together we focus on the right action to increase profits and achieve the results they deserve.

What action will you take this week?