Life In Lock Down Week 7

Wow week 7, how does that feel?

I think, if we are honest, we all initially expected lock down to last until June, so why does it feel like we are on an extended period?

Last week I spoke a lot about mind set, it seemed as though everyone around me had hit a wall, family, friends, colleagues and clients were finding it tough last week.

We have all done our own things to help get us through, some have relied on exercise, DIY, decluttering, others on Zoom calls with friends and family, but last week it seemed that even those things were less impactful.

I witnessed business owners cope with the initial lock down very differently early on, some saw this as a chance to relax, shut off and shut down, others panicked and tried to offer everything to everyone. Neither of those I believe would of born a positive result on any business.

What I am seeing now is a complete 360’ turnaround from both of those types.

I was thrilled when speaking to two business owners from my mastermind groups last week, who fell into those categories, if I am honest they had temporarily checked out.

With the support, guidance and innovation from their mastermind peers, they have now remodelled their business to be able to offer something of value to their audience and are now achieving revenue figures which are needed to survive lockdown, but will also make their business stronger, due to the restructure.

This is what I love about SME’s and what I do, I talk a lot about one of my values, humility, but I feel it in abundance at the moment, being part of a business community who genuinely can see when a fellow business owner is in a place which is not healthy and is committed to getting them into a more efficient and productive place, makes me feel proud and humbled to be part of this network.

These people inspire me daily to be the very best version on me, and for that I am always grateful.

I have seen a massive spike in traffic passing through my village last week, and I fear that many have simply given up or given in to the pressure of needing to get back to normal or inject some cash flow into their business.

Planning the return, and reopening the workplace seemed to be part of everyone’s agenda last week, which is understandable.

There have been some brilliant innovations to aid with the process of returning to work, one of my clients has designed Perspex screens which are easily assembled onto current screening systems, to stop aerosols being transmitted, this seems like a great affordable, and temporary solution, others have been redesigned their space to allow for the social distancing guidelines.

I think lots of businesses will introduce a staggered return, and maybe shifts to allow for less people to be in one place at the same time.

One thing is for sure, businesses are going to reopen in the next few weeks it seems despite of any lock down rules.

I think this will be a very interesting time, as it is one thing wanting our businesses to reopen, but another convincing our teams that they are safe.

I have been asking my clients to include their teams in helping them plan for the reopen.

  • Ask them how they feel
  • What processes would they want to see in place
  • What would make them feel safe and looked after

I believe including them early on will save lots of time and anxiety further down the line when you need your team to be on their A game.

The best laid plans will not work unless we address the emotions of our team and help them to feel safe.

For many of us, this Sunday’s unveiling of our governments plans to lift lock down can’t come soon enough, personally I am prepared for a further three weeks, until we see any real changes.

If that is the case, I am going to make sure that I maximise the time working from home has given me, to finish filling in the gaps in my business which I highlighted 7 weeks ago.

I want to look back at this time in lockdown and feel proud, firstly of how I served my clients, secondly what I achieved whilst working ON my business, and lastly how as a family of 4 we reunited, survived home schooling, and enjoyed some really qualified time together, I think they call it being in the moment.

How will you look back and reflect on your lock down period?

What can you achieve in the next 3 weeks?

What are your plans to reopen?

I look forward to hearing from you

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