Life In Lockdown Week 5

We commonly talk about how time flies,  but how do you feel about when you look back on the last 6 weeks?

Most of us will be full of mixed emotions, we have settled into remote working and may of even experienced a little period of calm, but our “make up” means we can’t stand still and are racing to look to the future and get back to normal.

The most common expression I am told now is a feeling of being very “flat” maybe as entrepreneurs we thrive on energy, innovation and vitality, to feel like we are standing still is alien and affects our tenacious spirit.

So how do we mend our mind set?

Personally, I believe that productivity feeds positivity. I set myself no more than 3 big tasks per week, but these must be tasks which will move my business forward.

I focus on the big things, the things which may get delayed due to normal demands of the business.

Just not having to travel to my office has allowed me this extra time to focus on these areas, knowing I am tackling these projects is hugely motivating for me, we all know that working ON our business is more productive than working IN it.

What is the one thing you need to do to move your business forward?

Identify 3 tasks which will move that project forward – plan these tasks into your week.

Lots of business owners tell me that they struggle to get away for a two week holiday, but most of us have not seen our offices for 36 days, perhaps we are more adaptable than we thought?

Will this “pause” teach us that some time out is valuable to reflect, and review, because if we always did what we always do, we will always get what we always got, we stand still and plateau.

This period is testing our systems and procedures and highlighting who, in our business are our “team players”, most of us are realising that there are definitely areas and habits which need to change.

What will you change?

What we cannot change this week, is lock down, use this time to focus on what you can change, what will make your business stronger?

I know I need to feel productive, healthy, balanced.

I also know I need energy from others, I tap into my support networks for this, Mastermind has been a game changer for me and many others, I believe it will remain a life line as we come out of lock down and the economy recovers.

Stay healthy, both in body and mind, be active physically and mentally, do what works for you, as you know your triggers.

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