Life In Lockdown – Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of lock down.

How are you feeling this week?

A common topic which many of my clients have spoken about in recent weeks is burn out.

12 weeks of mixed emotions, continuous grit, determination, adaptability, flexibility can be exhausting mentally.

It comes as no surprise that many of us have felt burn out and a need for a break.

We have also seen a trend in sickness amongst our teams in the last week, has this been caused by burn out?

Many business owners have reported their teams have demonstrated tremendous support, encouraging them to continue using the furlough scheme to keep costs down and protect everyone’s jobs.

This supportive culture whilst commendable could be the cause of mental and physical exhaustion and needs to be monitored.

The new rules for the furlough scheme will help as we can bring staff back on a part time basis to help with peaks and troughs in your workload.

What are you doing to protect and monitor the workloads of your teams who have supported you throughout lock down?

I have seen some great innovation in true leadership and support from the top, it is not enough to think that just because our teams are in work, they should feel grateful, these are tough times for everyone.

Some of your team, who at first felt relieved that they held their positions in the workplace, may now be feeling envious of those who are still on furlough, especially as we have had some lovely weather, and the time span has stretched to 12 weeks.

It will be a constant competition of who has had the toughest ride, the ones working or the ones furloughed but only receiving 80% pay!

Personally, I am so grateful to have worked continually as I am not very good at doing nothing, but this is my business and I get that it is different for employees.

There is also a sense that this is over, with the return of most businesses with the exception of hospitality and some other trades which require very close client contact such as hairdressers,  are back or will be next week.

I have to say that the few businesses I have been into, have adapted so well and I couldn’t of felt safer on their premises.

I get a sense of right business as usual now.

Let’s get cracking, make up for lost time and make some money.

I get that feeling from many of my clients and it is great to see such a positive attitude and display of resilience.

I know that 2020 will be a year we all remember, let’s make it one we remember for the year that our business achieved so much more with less.

Less time, less staff and possibly less available money, but with the right tools and leadership we can improve your profits. It can be done.

Look after your team, look after yourself and lets do this together.