Life In Lockdown – Week 13

Week 13 – Lock down is it over?

Today we can visit a shop, enjoy a day at the zoo and even take a flight to Europe, is lock down over?

It feels very much like it is business as usual?

But is it, for me it feels confusing, I am still working from home, I can’t visit my family in their homes and my children are not at school.

What is life like for you and your business right now?

  • Have you returned to your normal workplace?
  • Are you operating with a full team?
  • Have your customers buying habits changed?
  • Are you making a profit?

As I write this, there are long queues forming outside big retail brands, I can see on the news that many people are wearing masks but I cannot see that they are adhering to the social distancing rules.

I am pleased that retailers will finally enjoy the sound of their tills ringing, like many other businesses, it has been a long road for them.

It  will be interesting to learn at the end of the week how successful their first week of trading has been, and how high consumer confidence is.

Amongst my business community I am finding that mind-sets are very different, I spoke about this at the very beginning of lock down. Some of us are displaying the grit we are known for, others are not up for the fight.

It is not too late………

There are still 28 weeks left of 2020, that’s 140 trading days at an average 5 day week to bounce back.

Think we the end in mind, set yourself a realistic target for the rest of this year and work backwards.

Will it be a staggered target to ease your customers back, if your customers have never left, how can you increase their spend and no of times they transact with you.

What are you lead generation strategies, now is the time to invest in your growth.

Your job is to lead, direct and strategise, ensure your team are in the right seats and you are maximising their skills.

There couldn’t be a better time to invest in your leadership skills and ensure that motivation and morale is at its highest.

My biggest tip is to talk, keep communicating with your team and your customers, learn of their feelings and fears.

Remember that no one is going to care about your business as much as you do don’t expect them too.

So it is now up to you, 140 days to change the results for 2020, make it the year you remember, not only because of the Covid pandemic but because you acted like a real entrepreneur, with confidence and clarity and achieved the results you deserve.

Surround yourself with positive and clever people, invest in yourself, keep talking and good luck.