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Millionaire Mindset; A mind-set for success.

The question every business owner has asked me at some point or another is, – “How do I get a mindset for success?”

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all.

Dale Carnegie

What makes a successful business?

When looking at the mindset of people, psychoanalysis experts state that there are two types of mind-sets that people fall into; a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth’ mindset.

A fixed mindset is the belief that a person’s most basic qualities, their achievements, physical and mental abilities, are fixed traits. Behaviours which are finite and difficult or impossible to develop.

A growth mindset or Millionaire Mindset is the belief that basic abilities, talents and strengths can be developed and nurtured through hard work and diligent effort.

This person is not always concerned with how smart they are, or how they look but are usually more interested in challenging themselves. They accept direction and often look for support or advice.

Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, argues that a fixed mindset can be developed. For example, a straight A student, a CEO, a manager all have the capacity to be greatly intelligent, yet when they have reached the top they may begin to believe that they have reached their respective peaks and consequently plateau.

A CEO may not grow as they believe they simply cannot grow anymore, they have reached a position in their career or lives known as the ceiling, this is why businesses stagnate.

By developing a mindset for success, many people understand the need to develop, to constantly challenge and explore even when failure is a possibility.


Understanding your environment.

All of my clients would like to develop a mindset of success, and by simply wanting to improve their mindset they’ve already taken a big step in the right direction. As a business coach, it’s my job to help my clients see their comfort zones and to provide a perspective they may not see.

Most often, new clients will struggle to understand why the growth of their business has come to a halt, or why they struggle to be consistently creative. This is usually because they are in denial or have not stepped out of the business enough to look at the business.

This may be difficult for many business owners and partners who have grown comfortable and steady in their daily roles.

It is important to understand that a fixed mindset can be changed, and admitting that you may need to develop or challenge the current way you are doing things plays a big part in that.

What can trigger a change in your mindset?

– Financial situation

– Stress/ lack of time

– People

Why is your mindset so important?

By understanding that the smallest thing at the start of your day can quickly change your mindset, you will be more accustomed to recognising which mindset you are currently in and if it is a mindset of success.