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Nana Vision

Many of us, whether we own a business or are employed, lose sight of our Nana Vision!

The demands of our everyday are all consuming and most of us work with a to-do list long enough to keep us busy throughout the whole week allowing very little time to think longer term.

My “Nana Vision” was first realised whilst planning with a client. It has provided me with clarity, direction, focus and comfort knowing there is an end goal and longer-term focus and a clear picture of what life looks like in my later years.

So, what is a Nana Vision?

A Nana Vision – a phrase I’ve personally coined – is the life you imagine living once you have become a Nana (or not, as the case may be). What will those days look like? What will you be doing? Who will you spend them with? What is important to you? What makes you feel happy?

My Nana Vision fills me with emotion… It’s like when enjoying your best day out; happy, fulfilled and surrounded by people you love. And this is what makes every day leading up to this time worthwhile and exciting.

I currently work as a business coach helping many business owners. The days when I am not coaching, I am planning, reading, or facilitating workshops and Mastermind groups all of which I love doing.

My Nana Vision is not too far away from my everyday now, except I will work with fewer clients, have less coaching days and I will be rewarded with much higher fees. I will enjoy time to research and write and help younger generations who are planning to start their own enterprises by speaking at schools, universities and entrepreneur clubs. My free time will be in abundance I will enjoy (I hope) days out with my grandchildren, husband and lots of lunches with the girls!

Having a Nana Vision has enabled me to look ahead, envisage the dream and plan my journey. I know how long I have and what I need to do – everything needs to lead to that vision.

Take some time to work out your Nana Vision – you deserve it.