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Practice what you preach.


Every coach needs a coach. I have 9 years of experience coaching other people, but I regularly see a coach. We’ve all heard the story about the mechanic who drives around in a rust bucket, or the painter and decorator whose house is in need of much tlc. I am not a fan of walking contradictions. Contradictions do not make progress. Which is why I recently joined a Mastermind Group.

The time has come for me to further shape and improve my business. After much research and deliberation, I decided to join a group run by Penny Power OBE. For a year I am committed to meet once a month to share my dreams and challenges with Penny and 11 collaborative partners; people I’ve only just met.

It’s a big step and a huge commitment both timewise and financial. But it’s time – I am ready to invest in the future of Cloud9 and progress to the next level – and once I had met and connected with Penny; I knew this was not only the right move, but the right group.

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event” Brian Tracy

In the next series of blog posts, I will be sharing my experience of what it’s like to attend a Mastermind Group and documenting my journey. This is an exciting time for me and naturally I have big expectations – of course I know first-hand the impact a Mastermind Group can have!!!

I expect to be inspired to rethink my strategies by opening-up to new ideas and perspectives; I expect to reconsider my own capabilities; unlearn behaviours that may be preventing my business from moving forward; learn new innovations that will help me achieve the results I desire.

This may sound like a tall order and you may think that I am setting my expectations to high, but I am acutely aware of the power of Mastermind.

I know I can have the business life I want and I know that I am more likely to achieve it with the help and support of a Mastermind Group.

So here’s what happened on day 1 of my own mastermind journey… #BiPMM1

My story is… I don’t have a story!

On the train to London my biggest preoccupation was about the other 11 members of the group and my own personal worth. Who will they be? What is their business background? Will they be more ‘high flying’ than me? Will I connect with them? Will I be able to add value to the group? What if I regret signing up to this? And why do I keep getting emotional? (more about that later!)


The main objective of day 1 was getting to know the other group members. Openness and honesty are absolutely key to developing meaningful relationships and securing trust within the group, so we were invited to stand and tell ‘our story’. As I listened to the others relay tales of adversity and life-changing experiences, I was struck with the sudden realisation ‘I don’t have a story!!!’ My life to this point has been happy, full of love and relative success with, thankfully, no tragedy.

Surrounded by brave people who had achieved so much (and equally lost so much), I felt humbled, in-awe and inspired. Despite my feelings of inadequacy, I knew I would learn a great deal from these individuals. And going back to my story, or lack thereof, I was reassured that everyone has a story – some less turbulent than others. My story is the story of who I am and how I am on the way to becoming me. Cue the emotions.

The opportunity to be so transparent, to take a good look at yourself and share your hopes, dreams, failures and frustrations stirs up emotion. It’s not every day that we get to be so real and honest; with ourselves and others. This is the power of Mastermind. On day 1 we established a bond. We were 12 strangers from different walks of life, with a common purpose, committed to supporting one another and our business goals.

I felt energised, empowered, safe and supported and immensely excited about the next 11 months and what I will achieve.

I already know that this is going to be a transformative journey that is as much about cultivating and harnessing my own power as it is about growing my business.

Watch the space for the next instalment in my mastermind journey and if you are interested to hear about the Mastermind Groups I run, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

You can register your interest via the link below.