What are you searching for?

There have been many articles and blogs highlighting the benefits of being in a Mastermind group. Accountability, support and growth being amongst the top three.

What I found interesting when launching my recent Mastermind programme, was the personal reasons behind professional business owners looking for a Mastermind group.

It should not have been a surprise to me, as I hear this daily in my coaching practice. Business leaders are looking for what is often referred to as a silver bullet.

Typically, we all reach a point in our business where we hit a ceiling and cannot push beyond. It is at this point where we reach for that silver bullet – why?

On day 1 of my 12 month Mastermind programme it became obvious.

We feel like we have grown our business as far as we can, we have made mistakes and enjoyed successes, but are out of ideas of how to take our cherished products or services to the next level. Or are we?

It was humbling to witness business owners from multi-million-pound organisations sharing in their experiences of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Could this be the real reason why our business has stagnated?

The imposter phenomenon is rife amongst business owners who unconsciously fake it until they make it. (who hasn’t?) I am really pleased that it is becoming more acceptable for us to share our vulnerabilities, and accept our own feelings of self-doubt, at the end of the day we are all human and need support.

I feel incredibly lucky to belong and run Mastermind groups which allow me to share in others journeys of realisation that we are not alone and with a little support, encouragement, motivation and an objective viewpoint, we can raise the bar and achieve our goals, however big.

We must all accept that we will not find the silver bullet because it doesn’t exist, like anything in life, there is no easy fix, but we can address our confidence and fear levels and find the support we need.

A professional peer group who challenge each other by holding up the mirror and asking the questions which we wouldn’t ask ourselves, encourages us to think bigger, find the belief in ourselves to smash through the ceiling and reach limits we knew were possible but didn’t dare to believe.

Mastermind has enabled me to believe in myself and action my plans with confidence and clarity.

It is not surprising that Mastermind groups are becoming a common entry on any budget report.

It is an inexpensive investment in both your business and you!

When I asked myself “What am I searching for?” I found the answer from my Mastermind peer group.

Where will you find yours?

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